Gangwon Trade Center

Gangwon trade center belongs to the Gangwon-do Business Agency and Gangwon-do provincial office. it is the representative of Gangwon-do that supports the overseas export of corporations in Gangwon-do. We introduce the high-quality Gangwon-do products and support various consulting and services on overseas exports.

Do You Know Gangwon-do in Korea?

Gangwon-do is Korea's lungs. In Gangwon-do(Province), there are high mountains, clear water, fresh air and kind people living their everyday lives in this eco-friendly environment. Here in Gangwon-do, you will experience both the traditional and modern "Gangwon Style". Nature flavored well-being food from famous Ginseng and Red ginseng best for your health to fresh fish, and others harvested from blue sea.
Enjoy Youth and Passion in the world's most beautiful ocean.
Make thrilling camping and trekking memories in the starry Tae-Baek mountain ranges Spine-tingling downhill on the official 2018 Winter Olympics snow hills. A selfie in film sets with memory full of various "Hanryu" stars.
We can make time of enjoyment and rejuvenation here in Gangwon-do, Let's share this pleasant and fresh breeze. Breezy Gangwon~!

About Breezy Gangwon

“Breezy Gangwon” is a gateway of Gangwon-do’s domestic products. Grown in the Korea’s most pristine nature, Gangwon-do’s domestic products provide customers from all over the world a hint of mother nature that embraced the cutting edge technologies. Running the gamut from pine-scented soy candle to jade soap, Breezy Gangwon is uncovering Gangwon-do, where you thought you knew.

Brand BI

< Breezy > symbolizes the friendly and decent Gangwon people’s happy, easy-going and well-fixed lives, as well as the company’s self-confidence to advance like the breeze into garnering customers’ satisfaction for the new brand.

Choi Moon-Soon
Governor of gangwon Province

Netizens of the world, welcome to Gangwon Province

Gangwon Province has pristine natural beauty and human laughter to enrich the lives of human beings, healthy life friendly natural clean industry, agri-food, medical devices and bio And full support. And this time I give you clean Agriculture, Fisheries food, medical devices, bio-products, such as Gangwon-clean and high-quality product information Contained a QR code in English Directory has been published. Health and nature-friendly Gangwon-do and Gangwon product in your hands See for yourself.
Thank you.