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Donghae hanok Donganjae (Donganjae)

 Donganjae, a traditional Korean style house located near the beach in Donghae City of Gangwon-do, was opened in June 2018. The traditional Korean style house is equipped with modern facilities for convenience while still maintaining the elegant mood of a traditional house. The rooms are located in 5 traditional buildings. The foot bath in the garden gives the feel of a pool villa. Each of the 5 independent buildings (named Mureung, Duta, Chooam, Mukho, and Mangsang to accommodate 3-4 guests in each building) has an upper floor of which the three sides can be opened to command an unobstructed view. The outdoor foot bath in the center of the garden with pine trees relieves fatigue, and the soothing scent of pine trees completes the ambiance. It is possible to cook food in the room. Each room also has a bathroom equipped with bidet and a shower booth. The recently constructed buildings are also handicapped-friendly. There is a parking space exclusive for these guests. There is also no raised spot at the gate and the threshold is made very low for easy entrance and exit. Various tools such as Tuho, Yut, Jegi, and top are ready for playing traditional games. You can likewise try wearing hanbok, Korean traditional clothes. The nearby tourist attractions include Cheongok Natural Cave, Chooam Chotdaebawi Rock, Mangsang Beach, Mukho Por,t and Mukho Lighthouse. There is a walking path behind the pension in the pine forest.


Telephone : +82-10-2974-3007

E-Mail :

Maximum Occupancy : 25 persons

Guestroom Information : *Mukho House / Duta House / Mureung House / Chooam House / Mangsang House

Number of Guestrooms : 5


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