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2019.6 Gangwon Travel&Museums


National Museum of Korea, Yongsan District


Through Sunday: The exhibition features 88 Arhat statues from Chuncheon, Gangwon. Arhats refer to the historical disciples of Buddha. 

The statues, which have lifelike expressions of happiness, anger and sorrow, were first discovered in 2001 by a farmer in Yeongwol County, Gangwon. The excavation project was launched and a total of 317 statuettes were unearthed. The site was revealed to be the location of the Changnyeong Temple during the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392). The Arhats were first revealed to the public at the Chuncheon National Museum in Gangwon last year and came to the National Museum of Korea in April. 

The exhibit is divided in two sections. To offer visitors a sense of walking in a forest, contemporary artist Kim Seung-young, who worked on the design of the exhibition, created pedestals reminiscent of trees and added sounds of birds chirping. The second section has a tower-like installation made of 700 speakers . Twenty-nine Arhat statues are placed among them.

The entrance fee is 3,000 won ($2.50). Go to Ichon Station, line No. 4, exit 2. 

(02) 2077-9045,


Train to Temple Stay

Baekdam Temple in Gangwon

June 22-23 

To help bolster tourism to Gangwon after the region was damaged by wildfires earlier this year, the Cultural Corps of Korean Buddism is working with Korail Tourism Development to offer train travel packages to temples in the northeastern province. These programs also include tours of nearby towns, markets and scenic areas.

The overnight trip begins at Yongsan Station and takes travelers to Baekdam Temple in Inje County for an overnight stay. The trip includes a visit to the Skywalk by the Soyang River as well as a birch tree forest. The package costs 89,000 won ($75) for adults and 74,000 won children.

To make a reservation as well as learn more information, visit or call 1544-7755.

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