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Tourist Trains


【 Photo: Sea Train (Credit: KORAIL) 】

The Korea Railroad Co., better known as KORAIL, provides a multitude of special tourist trains to facilitate regional travel. Among these, the most popular are the Central Inland Region Train (O-Train), Baekdudaegan Mountain Range Canyon Train (V-Train), and the Sea Train traveling along the eastern coast. Read on to learn about these great travel options. 


Central Inland Region Tourist Train (O-Train) LINK

【 Photo: O- train (Top & bottom left credit: KORAIL) 】

The O-Train derives its name from the word "One," as the three provinces (Gangwon-do, Chungcheongbuk-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do) in the country's central inland region are connected by this single circular route. The train was designed with the theme of four picturesque seasons of Baekdudaegan, Korea's grandest mountain range. The four-cabin train consists of two Eco cabins, a cabin for people with disabilities and a snack bar, and a cabin for families. The train includes individual seating (2-person & 4-person sets), as well as separate seating options for families and couples to accommodate the needs of different passengers. There are also individual observatory seats for people traveling on their own. The train is well-equipped with various themed seats and convenient amenities including a café, toilets, and more.

In addition, every seat has an in-seat power outlet so that passengers can recharge their phones or laptops as they ride. Sightseeing monitors installed throughout the train show the view from in front of the train as it runs along the tracks in real time. The O-Train operates once a day (round-trip) daily except Mondays. Passengers are allowed to board and depart the train at all stops along the way.

Course (Train stops):

Seoul → Yeongdeungpo → Suwon → Cheonan → Osong → Cheongju → Chungju → Jecheon – Danyang → Punggi → Yeongju → Bonghwa → Chunyang → Buncheon → Yangwon → Seungbu → Cheoram

 Baekdudaegan Mountain Range Canyon Train (V-Train) LINK

【 Photo: V-train 】

The ‘V’ in V-Train stands for "valley," as it travels through the beautiful valley of Cheoram in Gangwon-do as well as Buncheon and Yangwon in Gyeongsangbuk-do. Riding on the V-Train is especially refreshing as the windows can be opened to feel the breeze. Traveling at a leisurely speed that is slower than regular trains, passengers can easily enjoy the changing views of the mountains and valley. The V-Train consists of three cabins made up of two observatory cabins and an observatory cabin with a mini café. This train was designed as an eco-friendly train and has no restrooms installed.

Course (Train stops):

Buncheon → Bidong → Yangwon → Seungbu → Cheoram

More info
  • Purchasing tickets: Online through the Korail website and on-site at stations along the course
    * The KORAIL Pass (online reservations & on-site purchase) is recommended as it grants unlimited access to the O-Train & V-Train, as well as other tourist trains including A-Train, S-Train, DMZ Peace Train, and West Gold Train for the fixed period of time purchased.
  • Fares (One-way):
    • O-train
      Seoul ↔ Jecheon: Adults 27,300 won / Children 15,400 won
      Seoul ↔ Yeongju: Adults 34,000 won / Children 19,200 won
      Seoul ↔ Buncheon: Adults 40,400 won / Children 22,800 won
      Seoul ↔ Cheoram: Adults 43,400 won / Children 24,500 won
    • V-train
      Yeongju ↔ Cheoram: Adults 11,700 won / Children 7,600 won
      Buncheon ↔ Cheoram: Adults 8,400 won / Children 6,000 won

    *Adults (ages 13 & over) / Children (ages 6-12)
    * Free for Preschoolers (under age 6)

  • KORAIL website: (English, Japanese, Chinese) 
    * Train schedule changes each month; refer to the KORAIL website for the latest information
  • KORAIL Pass page: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Russian)
    * Train schedule changes each month; refer to the KORAIL website for the latest information
  • Inquiries: KORAIL +82-1544-7788 (Korean), +82-1599-7777 (English, Japanese, Chinese)
  • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay)

Sea Train LINK

【 Photo: Sea Train interior (Credit: KORAIL) 】

The Sea Train is composed of four cars: two first-class cars, one economy car, and one family car. The first and the second cars make up the two first-class cars, one with individual seats and the other equipped with couple seats facing the window. The third car has table seats designed for families as well as a cafeteria. The last car is mainly for accommodating group travelers with seats for two or three people. The train ride takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes for a one-way trip and 3 hours for a round trip.

In addition to the refreshing ocean views through the wide windows, Sea Train offers much more. The first and second cars include Proposal Rooms for couples where they can enjoy a glass of wine during their romantic ride along the ocean shore. The third car is equipped with the Sea Train Café, where passengers can purchase a cup of coffee, light snacks, and even local products from the eastern coast region. The interior of the train is decorated in an undersea motif with images of diverse marine animals, serving as a perfect backdrop for memorable photos.

* The train operates only up to Samcheok Haebyeon Station as of June 8, 2019.

More info
  • Purchasing tickets: Phone reservation and on-site purchase at Gangneung or Samcheok Stations
    * Ticket purchase at other train stops available in the case of open seats upon phone inquiry (Purchase tickets from staff after boarding)
    * Foreigners can make a reservation via phone call
  • Fares (One-way): Car 1 • 2 (First-class) 16,000 won / Car 3 Family seat (4 people) 50,000 won / Car 4 (General seating) 13,000 won / Propose Room (2 people) 50,000 won 
    * Adults (ages 13-64) / Children (ages 4-12) / Senior citizens (ages 65 & over)
    * Discounted fares available on first class and general seating for children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities (valid ID or certificate of disability required)
    ※ Must present valid form of identification to receive discount
  • Websites 
    • Sea Train: (Korean only)
    • KORAIL: (English, Japanese, Chinese)
    • * Train schedule changes each month; refer to the KORAIL website for the latest information
  • Inquiries: +82-33-573-5474 (Korean, English)
  • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay)

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