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Local Food : Yeongwol Gondre Rice

Yeongwol Gondre Rice made with the vegetable called gondre (cirsium setidens) that grows in the clean areas of Yeongwol, Gangwon-do, is a popular meal thanks to its great nutrition and taste. Rice is steamed perfectly together with the gondre that grows in highlands higher than 700m above sea level, and it has a mild test for men and women of all ages to enjoy. While Jeongseon is most famous for gondre, Yeongwol’s gondre also has exceptional taste.


Gondre, which was also used as food resources during times of emergencies, is soft compared to other tough mountain herbs and vegetables and has great texture when cooked with rice. While most other wild mountain herbs are too pungent in taste and scent, gondre has a mild scent and can be eaten on the side for every meal. Gondre is commonly consumed with rice or by seasoning. Dried gondre can be stored for a long period of time so gondre can be enjoyed all year long at home after purchasing.


Gondre is rich in nutrition such as carbohydrates, calcium and vitamin A, and it is easily digested, while containing high amounts of dietary fibers to help lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent constipation, and help with dieting. In the past, gondre rice was eaten to stretch out the limited amount of rice by adding gondre, but it has recently received attention as a wellbeing food. It has a light taste and the scent of gondre left in the mouth is quite pleasant, so people who try it once always come back for another.


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