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New variety store focuses on creative products

You may have once had to squat down to pull out a plug stuck in the socket. There is now a must-have product that can help you. It's called an "easy out" extension cord. This multi-socket adapter and extension cord helps you to pull out the plug by pressing a small button. Just press the round button next to the socket, and the plug is easily detached. 

What make our lives convenient are quite often trivial, but brilliant, new products. Just like this "easy out" multi-socket adapter, there are creative and innovative products on the market that make our lives easier, and a recently launched variety store has now gathered these idea-driven products into one retail place. 


IM Shopping, originally launched as a home shopping channel that sells inventive products made by small- and medium-sized companies and startups, has now opened a real retail outlet.

IM Shopping, standing for "idea made," sells a variety of inventive products ranging from day-to-day items and kitchenware through to home electronics. Some creative, well-made products often have no chance to get on store shelves because most of these products are made by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or startups. It's not easy for such firms to develop distribution channels and they may lack marketing strategies, as well. This retail outlet's goal is to help and manage such difficulties so that the SMEs and startups can reach their potential clients. 

IM Shopping launched first as a non-profit home shopping TV channel in July this year, selling products made by small- and medium-sized businesses. Now with actual retail outlets, the broadcaster allows small businesses to reach potential consumers more easily, and gives consumers a chance to see and buy real products at real stores. 


The "easy out" extension cord makes life easier with a simple button. IM Shopping has now introduced these innovative products in its stores.

When the stores first opened in October, purchasers from the Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Happy Taobao visited one of the stores and looked around the items on sale there. 

Finally, not solely to help SMEs enter new markets, but also to introduce more innovative products to consumers, the Small and Medium Business Administration and the Small & Medium Business Distribution Center, co-organizers of both the shopping channel and the stores, are making efforts to discover interesting, well-made innovative products through partnerships with the government's Creative Economy and Innovation Centers.

By Chang Iou-chung Staff Writer
Photos: Small & Medium Business Distribution Center


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