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Chef Tony Yoo, a Culinary Emissary of Korean Food

Tony Yoo is a young chef specializing contemporary Korean cuisine and working to spread Korean food to other parts of the world. Having grown up in rural Gangwon Province, he learned from his grandmother the love for fresh, natural ingredients.  



He was also inspired by his father, who was also a chef. Once he made up his mind to be a Korean chef, he started studying in culinary academies specializing in Korean cuisine and traveling to sample food in famous Korean restaurants. Two years after he started honing his culinary skills, he ventured out to the global stage. Sometimes his audacity was rewarded with unexpected encouragements. He got to meet top American chef and restauranteur Thomas Keller of French Laundry, the acclaimed three-star French restaurant in Napa Valley, California and got to train at Aqua, a two Michelin star restaurant in Germany. Tony Yoo returned to Korea in 2010 after five years abroad and put the plan to stake his career in Korean cuisine into action. Now he’s executive chef at a restaurant in Gangnam called 24 Seasons, taken after the 24 seasonal divisions of Korea. The name illustrates Chef Tony Yoo’s commitment to serving the freshest and most delicious food in season. If you are jaded by the same Korean dishes you eat every day, try out Tony Yoo’s 24 Seasons, where innovative Korean food is always ready to be served.  


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