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The savory Bibimgondre is a kit that can make Bibimbap which contains 55% of Namul (Gondre) from Korea.

As explained on the package, it is a product that can get mixed directly with warm rice.

On the back, the expiration date and the contained ingredients are written. In addition to Gondre, it includes various ingredients that add flavor, such as anchovies, kelp, garlic, ginger, shiitake mushrooms, and black beans.

The total content is 80g. And it is made by Mt. Seoraksan Green Food Co.. Ltd.

It also states how to eat Bibim Gondre according to your preference by adjusting the amount of rice.

It is a total of 67.8 calories which makes a perfect meal for me since I have been on a diet for over an year. 



If you open your package and look inside, it looks like this.



It just looks like some vegetables, but it smells like perilla oil, and it smells very delicious. You shouldn't judge by its appearances.

I didn't have high expectation when I just looked at it like this either. But I found myself looking forward to eating it, smelling the smell of perilla oil that gets thicker as I mix it with warm rice.

This is what it looks like when you just poured it on the rice.

The Gondre is mixed in well, but will it taste good? The look of it made me question that. 




It's mixed with my germinated brown rice.

You might wonder if it would taste good, but the moment I put a bite in my mouth, the sweetness of the Gondre wrapped around my mouth and the soft texture of the Gondre covered your mouth. his is it. This is the revolution. It's really delicious!!


In fact, I thought having just Gondre Bibimbap would not be enough for my meal and I thought to eat it with side dishes but I was totally wrong. 




This is enough. It was enough to serve a perfect meal.

This is my meal plan for loosing weight.


I ate grilled chicken with boiled vegetables, and the savory Bibimgondre which has bested all. It's the best. It tastes better than anything else.

Every meal is precious after a long weight loss meal plan, but the savory Bibimgondre is enough to satisfy my precious meal time.


Besides the savory Bibim-gondre have many other flavors. So I'm already looking forward to trying others! The savory Bibimgondre that energized my boring meal plan! Really delicious good meal. This time, I will purchase it myself! 



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