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Hoengseong Hanwoo Namul Bap Dry

I've been on a diet for almost an year, so I always make food with germinated-brown rice, Konjac, and black beans.

However, when I am on a diet, it is easy to loose balance in nutrition, so I pay extra attention to my nutrition balance of my daily meal. Thankfully, with this product, I was able to eat vegetables easily!




There are 3 bags in one box and the weight is 45g for 2 people per bag. You can calculate the amount of rice according to the weight of your serving.

It consists of organic Namul (Gondre and Eusuri), organic paprika, and beef jerky!

Nowadays I am trying to take care of my health, so I'm looking for organic food. And here it is! it's all organic. 





The back of the box explains how to make it. You don't always have to put it in rice. As the explanation says, you can also put it in soup such as egg soup.

When I made this for the first time, I failed to get the right amount of rice, and It didn't taste as good as with the proper amount of rice. So it is pretty important to have the suitable amount of rice. 



When you just put it in the water, it floats on the water as shown in the picture. However, after an hour of soaking in the water, it will naturally get loosened. It doesn't necessarily need to be loosened but I did it anyway, since I was soaking germinated brown rice.


If you look closely, you can see that there is a little oil in the water because there is Hanwoo in the product. 



Thus, my meal made with germinated brown rice + Gonjac + Black beans + Hoenghanwoo namul kit is done!




It's hard to tell because of the mixture of black beans, but there's a big chunk of Korean beef in it. When you chew it, it feels like beef jerky, but it definitely tastes like beef. If I made the kit according to the suggested amount of rice, it would have been more delicious. The beef texture is good and there are plenty of vegetables in it, so it was a perfect meal for me.


- see more at;th=1


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