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Homesrang Gangwon Namul Bap Review

Looking for ready-to-cook veggie for your instant pot?


You are in luck. Yes, it does exist!




Pictured is just one kind of Korean ready-to-cook vegetables that I buy,


which is super easy to prepare, taking just minutes in your instant pot!


When you want a quick and light healthful meal,


this is something good to choose once in a while.




My favorite pot steamed vegetables to buy are the ones pictured,


the Mushroom Namul Bap and the Eggplant Namul Bap.


They are both really good! 





The best way to eat these healthy and tasty vegetables is in a complete meal


with rice (Namul Bap).


This is one of those dishes that was part of almost every Korean home


when I was growing up.


And I have to say.. as a kid, for me, it wasn’t as exciting to me as kalbi or pork belly.  Maybe I just took it for granted since we had it quite often..


But, after I started living in the US, it became one of those dishes that I really started to miss. I guess you can say it is my Korean comfort food. 





Each box has 3 packages for 2 servings each,


which is super convenient to simply open and put it on the top of the rice in a pot


                                        for dinner with my husband.                 




My husband doesn’t really like steamed vegetables, eggplants in particular,


but whenever I make this dish,



he gobbles up his entire bowl and even asks for seconds, if not thirds.d192e91ba0369d2db18f98ddc0f94b20_1603260


I make this dish on those days when you really want to just “set it and forget it”. 


Namul Bap is one of the easiest dishes to make and you can make it in your rice cooker or instant pot in as little as 15 minutes!




So today I made this dish in the instant pot


and it literally took a few minutes of prep and then 12 minutes to cook!


It doesn’t get easier than this!


To make this meat friendly, you can simply add the beef or whatever you want! 




Here’s a super easy recipe for steamed rice with mushrooms, eggplants and other vegetables for you all!




First, wash rice(200g) until water runs clear and add 210ml of clean cold water.


Set it inside a pot or rice cooker.


Second, open one package of Homesrang Gangwon Namul Bap,


add it directly on top of the washed rice, and simply spread it.


Close lid and use manual rice function. Quick Release.




While rice cooks, prepare soy sauce and perilla oil.




Once the rice is cooked, using a rice scoop, mix together and serve with the sauce.


For your little ones, omit the sauce or add a few drops of soy sauce to tatste!






Try this nutritious Korean steamed vegetable rice (Namul Bap) recipe at home.


It tastes so good, savory and nutritious. It makes an easy one bowl meal too!


Mushroom Namul Bap by itself tastes very plain and has a peculiarly fine flavor,


while Eggplant Namul Bap is flavorful and has a savory aroma.


They both also taste light, healthy and nutritious too.




I loved the flavor and freshness of the steamed vegetables.


There was no bitter aftertaste like some other steamed veggies.


The fact that it’s organic gave it an additional plus for my family. 



What I like about this dish is that not only does it taste delicious and nourishing,


it’s so easy to make and the required ingredients are very minimal.


I hope it becomes your regular repertoire in your weekly menu!




You should be able to find these at online stores like Amazon,


local Korean supermarkets, and sometimes at mainstream grocery stores.


I've found these at numerous times. 






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