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Seolgi Tea Review

I am a daily tea drinker and love flavored teas. 

I love a good cup of tea. It's often the last thing I drink at night… a warm cup of soothing herbal tea to help me get settled in for the night.


And as with most everything else in my life, I prefer organic. 



The one I am drinking tonight is Seolgi Tea from Seorak Natural Farm located in Korea.

Seorak Natural Farm offers a variety of herbal teas for your drinking pleasure. 

Knowing that Seorak Natural Farm has been making teas from nature, Seorak Mountain in Korea, is reassuring…

I know they use quality ingredients and care about their legacy and product.


Their teas come in an easy-to-reseal bag with 20 tea bags per bag instead of individually wrapped tea bags, which is better for the environment. 



When opening the packet you immediately get the smell of oriental herbs.

Seolgi Tea is made of healthful 13 herbs including jujube, peony, cnidium, angelica root and milk vetch root, each an herbal remedy to support healthy body, and packed in tea bags to serve simply.


Love that it is organic and tastes great. 




This tea is amazing and so refreshing and has a good body to it.

Perfect taste, lovely aroma, so soothing!

It’s not too bold and has a fragrance that fits perfectly for this time of year.


This really helped relax me and made me feel much better after a long day. 


Seolgi Tea is now my favorite oriental herbal tea.

It's pleasant flavored and very nice smelling.

What I like best is that if I over steep, it doesn't turn bitter like other herbal teas.


I love that I can seep it for way longer then I should, and it still comes out tasting clean and refreshing.



I can keep the bag in my cup and get 2 or 3 cups of tea out of the 1 bag in a day.

No sugar or milk needed, but I like a little sweetness so add a spoon of turbinado sugar.


This is my go to morning pick me up as well! 


This was my first time drinking Seolgi tea from Seorak Natural Farm located in Korea and I will definitely be a repeat customer! I highly recommend this product!


I will keep drinking this for health benefits as it also tastes wonderful so I will enjoy a few cups a day.


It tastes great and I love the herbal scent and taste of the milk vetch root and cinnamon.

I will be buying more on my next grocery trip.

I'm lucky we have them at work so I get to enjoy it every day. 

You get your tea for the day in a safer organic product!



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