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Cream - SEMINA Revitalizing Cream

I’ve been wanting to add a moisturizer to my routine with


intensive moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.



So I got my SEMINA Revitalizing Cream a few weeks ago


when the weather got cold and dry,


so I’ve tested it during harsh autumn conditions.


I used it for weeks and wanted to share my thoughts! 



This SEMINA Revitalizing Cream that I picked up contains all-natural oil blends.


My skin has felt more hydrated and supple.    


It took a decent amount of product to get the moisture level I needed,


 but each day I woke up with soft, plump skin.


The main noticeable result has been the smoothing effect to the line


above the laugh lines - nasolabial folds.


I was also impressed by the increased smoothness underneath my left eye. Woo hoo! 



I’m also really excited about the nourishing results I got.


The biggest difference I noticed was a plumping effect to the wrinkle above my left eye.


My face also felt noticeably tighter the next morning after use.


It’s hard to say whether or not that tightening is from the moisturizing effects


of the Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E


or maybe my skin was just craving more moisture from this cream.


Any flakiness I had the night before, however, was smoothed and my texture was improved. 



This cream has a thick, rich texture and a little bit goes a long way.


I’m not a fan of the somewhat artificial smelling light fragrance,


but it dissapates pretty quickly.




‘The formula is very smooth and may feel a bit sticky at first, but it absorbs quickly


while still leaving a soft, protectant layer on the skin. I absolutely love using this on my lips as well as cheeks; as my lips are constantly dry and flaky, which makes it difficult for me to wear lipstick. 



When I woke up in the morning and I touched my face


I couldn’t believe how smooth and soft they were, they healed completely, overnight.


No cracks, no roughness, no dryness, just baby soft skin.


That’s when this cream really impressed me and I knew that I’d be a “keeper”. 



Since I bought this cream I noticed that I don’t reach for lip balms as well


as often as I used to, I sort of don’t want to use anything else on my lips.


This product is also amazing at soothing windburn, I even used it around my eyes to heal extremely dry skin and it worked great. 



Either way, I loved how dewy and smooth this made my skin.


My skin has never felt so supple!


I absolutely love the consistency of this moisturiser because at night I use actives and it goes well with it. It’s thick and doesn’t make my skin look dry and it helped me with dry patches near my lip area.




Highly recommended!

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