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Yeot - Korean Taffy

Yeot or Korean taffy is a Korean traditional confectionery

that will bring out the kid in you!!


or at least in myself… :)

With a sweet caramel flavor and a lightly crunchy but also melt-in-your-mouth texture, this is my childhood favorite. 




I have Jangbawoo Chiaksan Hwanggol Yeot with me here today.

Jangbawoo Chiaksan Hwanggol Yeot is a fairly unique product.

While most people will have had some local salt-water taffy at some point in their lives,

there aren't too many box-packaged taffies on the market.

In fact I can only think of this one



Biting into the taffy is very different than you might get biting into your Western taffy.

This feels natural, healthy, and digestible. In fact I honestly like the way it’s made.

Unlike other manufactured taffies, Jangbawoo Chiaksan Hwanggol Yeot is made by Korean artisans, and has no artificial additives or colors and is sugar-free.

It has natural and sweet flavors and that's a good thing.





The taffy can get caught in your teeth, and probably will,


but this is melting in your mouth.


My recommendation if you really want to get the full taste of it…


put a whole piece in your mouth at once.


Then you get a very full mouth of tastes in an enjoyably chewy situation.


And not to get gross here, but this is the kind of caramelized candy


that while eating you'll find a lot of salivating over. 




I like to taste it with a cup of coffee.. since it's very sweet,


it is the perfect match for a little bitter drink.


Just take a bite of the taffy, and drink a sip of hot coffee, then the taffy melts gently with the coffee in the mouth. Then, these two are harmonized in the mouth, combining sweet and bitter flavors to create the best taste.




I want to be clear, Jangbawoo Chiaksan Hwanggol Yeot is really good.


It's natural-made and different, the flavors are unartificial,


and I've found through the product information that it’s made from all-natural ingredients, including steamed rice, corn, malt, and refined water. 



You should definitely check this out if you have not before.


Jangbawoo Chiaksan Hwanggol Yeot is a Korean traditional taffy, and made by local artisans,


please check them out online at


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