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REVIEW : Pine Bio

Winter is one step closer to us now. The keyword for skincare in the winter season is moisture! There are many high-moisturizing and functional products in the market for the winter. But the question is, can our skin abruptly take on these high moisturizers? The Cleopine series include natural extracts which allow skin’s natural energy revival for the winter. Let me present to you Cleopine’s classic products, developed in Natural Substance Technology Lab, for your beautiful and healthy skin. 

Start with the basics! A deep cleansing without stimulation is the first step for healthy skin. 

Cleopine O2 Cleanser

[A non-stimulating & deep cleansing oxygen foam cleanser that does not block skin cell restoration]

Say no to the excessive facewash! A hard facewash is the shortcut for skin barrier damage, dry and wrinkly skin. Smooth oxygen foam deep cleanses your skin without any stimulation. Cleaopine O2 Cleanser!

Skin arrangement and moisturizing are critical after cleansing. Try the non-stimulating Cleopine toner with naturally extracted substances. 


Cleopine Toner

[A docile toner with naturally extracted substances that minimizes stimulation]

Let’s re-arrange and rejuvenate our skin that had just gone through a change of climate with a toner that includes naturally extracted substances. The fermented red clay of a pine tree and aloe vera extracts will help tranquilize and smoothen your skin.

Functional products are not all the same products. An abrupt application of high-functional cosmetic can be detrimental to your skin. Cleopine multi-purpose essence minimizes these side-effects...


Cleopine Essence

[World’s first functional cosmetic that includes fermented Peptide]

This product includes naturally extracted substances but it also has the functionality. Using pine mushroom as a base raw material, the world’s first PineMush-28 Peptide helps develop wrinkle care and skin tone. This multi-purpose essence is a great alternative for fermented pine clay included nutrition cream and eye cream.

The final routine of skincare is the facial mask sheets. There is no need to worry for sensitive skin because these sheets are made of 100% natural substances.


Cleopine A28 Ample Mask

[Eco-friendly natural substance material allows ample moisture for sensitive skin without trouble]

Great skin adhesiveness with long fiber substance extracted from 100% natural material. This mask sheet effectively delivers nutrients and Phytoncide from fermented pine mushroom and Kumkang pine tree to the skin.



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