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[K-BEAUTY] Rooicell Enzyme Powder


Rooicell Enzyme Powder

When it gets dry around fall and winter seasons, clear cleansing is as critical as moisturizing.
So I introduce you a natural plant extract containing enzyme powder that allows a deep and clear face cleansing.​


Protein decomposing enzyme content extracted from Papayas clears out the dead skin cells,

For other regular skin cells, it simply cleanses them.
While healthy maintenance of skin is possible due to Vitamin C content,

Its fluffy bubbles also cleanse all the wastes in skin pores, making this by far the best in the market!



Easy to open and close. But this type of cover, if placed in humid environment like the bathrooms, can be clogged by congealed powder. So I recommend not placing this in any place humid. :)



Very soft and smooth powder form foam cleanser as you can see. Be careful not to over-pour :)


For regular deep cleansing, you would first wash your face with enough water on your face.

Then pour out enough amount of the enzyme powder, make bubbles and massage your face with them.

Wash up with tepid water and you are all good to go!​

As for second tip,

For times when wearing heavy make-ups

Mix cleansing lotion or oil with this enzyme powder and scrub it on your face for the first cleanse.

After washing up with tepid water, pour enough amount of enzyme powder and make bubbles 

Massage your face with the bubbles,

Wash up with tepid water again and you are all good to go!

And most importantly!

Despite its good results, if you use this product 24/7, it might peel off excessive amount of your skin cells causing troubles for your skin.

Be advised to use the enzyme powder only once or twice a week.

Do not go overboard with this


I massaged my hand and washed with tepid water as a test.

The result: It definitely made my hand much smoother and moister


If you had ever hurt yourself with provocative exfoliants for skins 

Or you want something that is not so cumbersome and is comfortable

Then I highly recommend this product. 

I highly recommend Rooicell Enzyme Powder for your soft and comfortable skin care.


*available at Gangwon Store

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