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Cheongwoorim, Hamheung-style bibim-naengmyeon



청우림, the brand of 산돌 food, has a lot of product like the strong of the noodle, such as noodles, broth, ricecakes and etcs! This is Hamheung-style bibim naengmyeon we are going to try today. There is noodles which went through the process of pressing out from a high temperature. It is therefore more chewy and tasty. Naengmyeon is best served chewy to some extent not being well cut off.




​There are two Hamheung noodles, spicy bibim sauces and dried laver powders (a kind of seafood) inside. The noodles look chewy as you just see. Check the expiration date at the bottom.


It’s not hard the way of cooking. Put the noodles in boiling water in less than a minute, rinse it hard with cold water, mix with spicy bibim sauce and enjoy the food. It might be annoying to rinse it with cold water, but be better than having something hot!

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Because the noodles included starch get tangled in boiling water, it could be sticky easily and possible to be like a rice cake. If you keep this in the refrigerator, I recommend you to let stand at room temperature for a moment and tear every single noodle off one by one. Then it will get easily cool down and untangled.

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It smells like kind of buckwheat. I think it’s because of the cooked noodles, not the dried one. It’ll be well-cooked soon when you stir it like boiling in less than a minute. Wash and rinse it right away. I like the noodles in an old basket which gives a feeling of a traditional market.


You can taste it better with using the rest of vegetables at home.

78e7e5f54601f240cbf390c25cccf068_1537165 78e7e5f54601f240cbf390c25cccf068_1537165

Put the dried laver powder on your nangmyeon and sure eat well with an egg. The spicy bibim sauce from 청우림 is hot, sweat and good. It’s similar with the sauce of bibim jjolmyeon (spicy cold chewy noodles) we had before but goes well with nangmyeon noodles, too.

The texture of food is chewy and great. And what is important is that the amount of food for a person is absolutely enough. Not too strong flavor of bibim sauce is good. Maybe it’s because of too many vegetables which make it bland. Hope you have this food at least once before this summer goes away.

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