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[K-Review] Inner Rice Bran Powder soap

Migang (Inner Rice Bran) Soap [미강비누]

Everybody loves and wants to use top-quality soap items for skin, which are made from natural, organic ingredients. Here is the best soap bar worth checking out.
You may know that your skin gets smoother and healthier after washing the face or the body with the leftover rice water. Instead of using the leftover rice water, use the Migang Soap. 

"Migang" is a Korean word for the inner rice bran created when brown rice is polished to make white rice. Bran, also known as miller's bran, is the hard outer layers of cereal grains, consisting of the combined aleurone and pericarp. When bran is removed from grains, the grains lose a portion of their nutritional value.


Even after you use the Migang Soap, your skin will not feel tight and flaky and will have a good makeup because it gets more elastic as if you use a good-quality essence product.

You are recommended to use the soap bar for at least 10 days to see and enjoy its effects. Also, if you suffer from any atopic skin irritation, do not hesitate to use the Migang Soap. The soap helps you treat atopic skin. No worries about the smell of the soap bar as it is made from the inner rice bran. The fragrance is excellent and beyond your imagination. In addition, you are advised to keep the soap bar dry, otherwise it gets soft and mushy too quickly.


You are also advised to use foam cleansing products when washing the face in the evening and to use the Migang Soap in the morning. It will help you have a good makeup. As you are well aware, a strong face cleanser is not good to use for your skin in the morning. You will feel good whenever using the Migang Soap, a hand-made product that benefits your skin for sure.


Hand Made Soap with Red Clay, Chestnut Shell & Rice Bean Powder 3pcs Set, $17.89, available at ebay Gangwon Store


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