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Binuae, Makeup Remover Soap

Hello, everyone! Today, I am going to introduce a handmade soap for removing makeup by ‘Binuae’.

 ‘Binuae’ soaps are made with all natural ingredients. There are different kinds of soaps: bath soap, baby soap, Mung Bean hair soap, makeup remover soap, etc. Among them, I will write a review about the makeup remover soap.




With the anti-inflammatory effects of pine needles and the sulfation effects of rice kernel oil in which this soap contains, it controls skin balances for all skin types. It also has great effects in cleansing and removing sebum by the components of charcoal powder.


So, due to the charcoal components, the soap is black.

  Different soaps have different colours since they all have different ingredients.



It is interesting that it is called makeup remover soap even though it is actually not a “cleanser”.

I will try to remove makeup here to see how well it can remove makeup.


I will put some cushion foundation on my hand and just use this soap to remove.

I have been using cushion foundation since it feels so light, especially during the summer, but I didn't know it is based on oil components.


I just used this soap to remove the foundation! Wow, it is almost removed all!

To see if some residues are left on my hand, I am just putting some cleanser on a cotton pad.

I only used this soap once and only little residues left.


Although this soap was made to remove makeup, it would be even better to use the cleanser first and then use this soap after to make sure you remove all the makeup and prevent skin troubles.




To show more accurately, I will try with some waterproof eyeliner on my hand. 




I just used this soap once as I did above.


Yeah, this soap is still good in removing makeups, but it doesn't perfectly remove everything. So, like I said, tt is better to use the cleanser first and use this soap to finish up. However, since this soap can still remove this much of makeup, I am sure it can remove wastes and sebum from your skin. You would never know how great an item is until you use it constantly for a while.


I have been using this on my nose for a couple days every night and it feels like some of the black heads are gone!!





If you are looking for soap that is not sensitive and made by natural ingredients, try “Binuae” handmade soaps! I strongly recommend this product!

 I had worried about the blackheads, but I am very satisfied with this to remove them.

 Don't forget to use a cleanser to remove your makeup first ant then use this soap!!


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