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Muslim restaurant info and Chuncheon City trip

Here at Travel More Korea(TMK) want to provide the simple travel information to make your visit to Korea more enjoyable and exciting.

Our Muslim friends may experience difficulties finding proper food when visiting and traveling in Korea.
Good news is that the Korean tourism organizations and local governments are taking efforts to develop better tour options with halal certified restaurants.

For 1-2 days travel, TMK recommends visits ‘Nami Island’ in Chuncheon!20150626_Muslim01_0

Nami Island, also known as Nami Republic, is a filming location of one of the best Korean dramas ‘Winter Sonata’(겨울연가) and it attracted 3 million visitors in 2014. There is ‘Dongmun’, Asian cuisine restaurant that provides halal food, it also has a ‘Musolla’ prayer room. The prayer room is equipped with Quibla compass (pointing to the direction of Mecca), Wudu facilities (washing ritual) and resting area..

Visit Dongmun’s site:


As you expand your tour range, there are Jade Garden, Rail Bike, Elysian Resort, Petite France and etc worth visting in Chuncheon.

For ½ or 1 day travel, why don’t you visit Itaewon in Seoul?
On Usadan-ro(street), you will see the Mosque and any Islam cultural places such as stores for hijab and halal certified restaurants.20150626_Muslim02_0

Now, check the below recommended restaurants in Itaewon, TMK hope you have good time there!

Other restaurants in Korea

Note: Travel More Korea does not guarantee the quality of products or services introduced on its site and is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from use of said products or services. 

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