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Things to see at the Ganghwado Island

Jeju Island is probably the first thing that comes to the mind of a non-Korean when they think about the many islands of Korea. However, there are many interesting islands besides Jeju. Among them is Ganghwado Island, the fifth biggest island in Korea. It's in the Yellow Sea, at the mouth of the Hangang River, and is part of Gyeonggi-do Province. This island is famous for having a rich history, as well as for its beauty, especially during the autumn. 

Here is a list of things to see at Ganghwado Island:

1. Ganghwa Peace Observation Deck (강화평화전망대)

The Ganghwa Peace Observation Deck allows tourists to view some parts of North Korea. An introduction video at the observation deck explains that the North Korean people live right across the water. Under good weather conditions, even the villages can clearly be seen.  

Visitors sit at a bench in front of the Reunification Hope Center.

At the Reunification Hope Center people can write down their thoughts and hopes for Korean unification. This is also where separated families can console their deep sorrow.  

I also wrote down my thoughts about Korean reunification.

2. Dolmen

Created during the Bronze Age, dolmen represent the graves of powerful men. Around 50 percent of the world’s dolmen are located in Korea. Some of them have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2000.  

3. Yeongheung Palace (용흥궁)

At first, the Yeongheung Palace was home to members of the royal family. It was the house of a distant family member of the royal family, but as new kings were needed, the princes who grew up here would move to Seoul, so this house became a palace in order to keep face and so that the new king, it could be said, grew up in a palace.5ab09374cbffbacc0ed2d1eb8481188e_1456884
4. Tidal Basin 

Seeing the tidal basin is a very beautiful experience, especially for those who may have never seen such mud flats in their life. 

5. Jeondeungsa Temple (전등사) 

Jeondeungsa Temple is said to have been built by the three sons of Dangun, the mythical founder of the Korean people. It is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Korea. It's possible to pray here or do even stay overnight. 5ab09374cbffbacc0ed2d1eb8481188e_1456884
6. Guangsung Castle (광성보)

Built in 1658, the Guangsung Castle has been a very historical place ever since. It was also a showplace for the fight against the U.S. in the late 19th century.  


By Lisa Scheidig Honorary Reporter

Photos: Lisa Scheidig 







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