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Celebrity Beauty: Layered haircuts are in

Layered haircut is back. No longer are they a thing of the 1990s.


A layered haircut refers to hair that is cut in a way that sections of the hair have different lengths, unlike the blunt hairstyle. Many celebrities have begun to follow this new trend, creating various versions of the unique hairdo.

Last winter, Suzy suddenly changed her hairstyle by creating a layered cut. The very end of her hair rested just below her collarbone, but the length of individual hair differed. However, the overall look was actually quite orderly as she slightly curled the end of her hair outward.

Suzy has kept the hairstyle as it suits her very well. Compliments about her hair flooded the Internet and reportedly, many visited hair salons saying “Please make my hair look similar to Suzy’s.”


Bomi of Apink was another star to also pull off the layered cut. When she made a comeback with her song “Remember,” she tried a funky hairstyle that was closer to a female two-block cut. 

However, she recently toned down the look a little bit to make it more natural to handle on a daily basis. Thus she put more layers into her hair to connect each sections.


Unlike Suzi, Bomi usually curls the upper part outward while curling the end toward her face to make it a bit more unique. Luckily, the hair matches perfectly with her cute and girly appearance.


Last but not least, actress Shin Min-a gave a shot at the hairdo in her latest drama “Oh My Venus.” The two celebrities introduced above may have created a youthful and lively look with the hair, but Shin was much more professional and lady-like in the haircut. 


Most of the times, she made her hair quite wavy or gave an inward curl. Sometimes, she put her hair up in a ponytail, which is actually considered one of the best ways to style a layered haircut. She let some of her shorter side hair down while tidily tying up the rest. This improved her sharp image as a lawyer while giving a hint of femininity.

By Kim Ji-young ( 

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