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Citrus Tea (Yujacha 유자차)

Yujacha is a simple Korean tea made from the yuja fruit. It’s fresh, sweet, tangy, and has a strong and unique citron flavor and aroma. It’s perfect for warming you up in the wintertime, and is full of vitamin C. If you have a cold, it will always make you feel better.

Any of my western friends who tried yujacha fell in love with the unique flavor and aroma from the first sip.

The fresh fruit is nearly impossible to find outside of Korea, but readymade yujacha mix can be found in most Korean grocery stores or on amazon. The mix is nice but it can’t be compared to yujacha made with real, fresh yuja.

If you’re in Korea, you can make this tea with real yuja, but if yuja isn’t available you can also substitute it with lemon. The great thing about yujacha is that you can drink the tea and eat everything in the cup except the seeds. Rinds, pulp, segments, everything! When I make lemon tea, I only drink the infused tea, the rest is too bitter and not tender.

When I lived in Korea, yuja were very expensive. We used to say that if you had a few yuja trees in your yard, you’d never have to worry about your kid’s university tuition. But when I filmed this yujacha video on a recent trip I found the price had gone down quite a bit! Its great that you can buy high quality yuja at a more affordable price.

Yuja (유자)Yuja (유자)


  • Equal parts sliced yuja and sugar.


  1. Slice the yuja thinly. Remove as many seeds as you can find. Add to a bowl.
    yuja (유자)
  2. Add sugar. Mix.
    yujacha (유자차)


  1. Add a couple tablespoons of yujacha in a cup or glass. Stir with boiling hot water. Serve right away, with a small spoon. You can drink the tea and eat the rinds and pulp with the spoon.yujacha (유자차)
  2. It will keep in the fridge for a couple months.

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Deep Web

Made this for my husband one night and needless to say it’s on the menu again this week. Thank you, it was very easy and most of all delicious!!