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Gangwon Ginseng Cooperative Association

Main Items Red ginseng extract, tea, candy, etc
Category Processed Ginseng


Gangwon Insam Cooperative Association

The Insam Cooperative Association controls all areas of Gangwon-do, the main growing district of 6-year-old Insam, and
has supported the cultivators of Insam in Gangwon-do and established and managed for the better maintenance of
Gangwon Insam. The Cooperative Association specializes in producing the red Insam and its products, registered as
special-manufacture of healthy food at the Food and Drug Safety Authorities.
“Gangwon Insam Cooperative Association” manufactures clean Insam of good quality, and we will strive to produce
products of the best quality and to protect your health through sincere efforts and perfect manufacturing processes.




Korean Insam

Insam is the grass that has lived on shaded ground for many years and it belongs to the Panax, Araliaceae family in

the field of botany. The botanical name is panax ginseng and its roots are used for medical purposes. The botanical

classification tells us that the grass has lived for many years among the trees of derup growing on the mountainside

and is called a double-leaved plant. It grows naturally in the woods of high mountains and is about 60cm tall. It is

being grown as a plant for medical use. Insam grows naturally in the areas of Southeast Asia and Northern and Eastern

part of the North America including the peninsular of Korea. The Korean Insam is called, “Koryu Insam”and the Sam of

Hankuk Insam is written as “Sam(蔘)”in Chinese letters. The Sam of other countries is not called Insan but known as

Jeongchilsam or Jul jeolsam and written as “Sam(蔘)”in Chinese letter.

“The word Panax”is derived from the Greek and its meaning is that it cures all diseases as a compound word of Pan

(all) and Axos (cure).  


Company Information

Company Name​ : Gangwon Ginseng Cooperative Association

987, Seorak-ro, Hongcheon-eup, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea 

Tel : +82-33-435-3433


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